Kieran, doing Recovery World proud!

As the on-line Store Manager at Recovery World Zoe Dixon has a pretty busy working life running the well known store for recovery equipment, but outside work she is also kept busy helping her son Kieron with his passion for Motocross.

Kieran, at the grand old age of 13 has already made a big impact within the Motocross class that caters for his age group. He competes or trains every weekend and even manages to include BMX riding in his spare time. He has been racing since he was 7, starting in the 50cc auto class and successfully rising through the classifications over the last 6 years.

In the first 3 years he rose to 3rd in the overall 50cc UK club championship and in 2014-15 moved up to the 85sw class where he consistently claimed podium places. The last 2 years have seen him in the more powerful 85bw class where he has maintained the podium spot in all club meetings and in the Masterkids challenge he came 11th in 2016 rising to 2nd in 21017 in a field of 90 riders. Kieran is on course to win his club championship again this year before moving up to the 125cc class next year

Racing is not a cheap sport and Kieran has attracted a large number of sponsors including Putoline UK, Malcolm Rathmell Sports, Herts Motocross Centre, 94 MX and Get racing. Sponsors get their name and logo on the race bike and kit as well as inclusion in all social media postings.

It is unusual in racing to reach these levels so young but with commitment, skill and the right funding Kieran is showing that he is someone to watch in the future. His future plans are to eventually turn professional and to then form his own academy to train and develop the future stars that will emerge in this exciting sport.

So next time you are buying from the Recovery World Store, talk to Zoe and ask her how Kieran is getting on; he may well have won even more races and would also welcome your sponsorship.