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2ton x 2m Duplex Flat Web Sling

Product Code: STROP100
£7.29 £5.00 Exc. VAT
Product Description:
  • 60mm width
  • The most cost effective and durable flat web sling
  • Double ply webbing provides the most economic strength to width ratio
  • Each eye is finished in a becket format with polyester reinforcing
  • Manufactured from a single length of 100% polyester webbing
  • High strength of weight ratio
  • Wide choice of lifting modes
  • Lifts smooth objects without damage
  • Anti-cut and anti-abrasion protection available
  • Postioned correctly the sling wears evenly along its life
  • Manufactured and labelled in accordance with BS EN1492-1:2000
  • Standard Safety Factor 7:1
  • Wide usable temperature range -40° C to +180° C

** PREV TEXT Heavy duty lifting sling with sewn and becketed loops

Ideal for vertical, choke o